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At Your Property


Our Healthy Home Team have been scheduled to assess or carry out work at your property and for your safety and ours we ask that you please take a quick read through to ensure that both you and our team are safe during our visit.



COVID-19 Update

If you are feeling unwell

If you or anyone in your household starts to feel unwell or is displaying flu like symptoms then please let our team know immediately after contacting any healthcare professionals so we can reschedule your install.

Our team

Rest assured that any team member that we send to your property will be following hygiene guidelines and full PPE is available for them to wear if this makes you feel more comfortable.


We are all in this together

Things to be aware of


Work being carried out

When we arrive on site at the scheduled day and time, our team will introduce themselves and run through with you what is being completed, if there is any special instructions, this will be when they tell you.

Animals on site

We love animals, but only if they love us too. So if you have any animals on site that may be of concern, please ensure these have either been secured during the install or supervised.

Hazardous Work

During some installs we may have to carry out what is considered hazardous work, this could be while drilling or cutting holes for extraction or ventilation units and/or Heatpumps. Our team may be wearing full PPE gear and cordoning off areas during these types of installs. This is to minimise particulates or dust from traveling, such as fibrous cement, asbestos or other particulates. You will be provided with any clear instructions if required.

We want to ensure that everything goes smoothly so we can leave you with a Healthier Home

If you have any questions relating to our visit, please make contact with us as soon as possible.

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