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* Break through sensing technology
* 125mm Brushless DC (EC) Mixed Flow Fan for maximum energy efficiency. Fan class A - saves you money on running cost (only ~$70/ year to run)
* Constant 24/7 operation. No more mold in your bathroom.
* Extra low (15l/s) and high air flow (55l/s installed)
* Quiet Fan Operation
* Long Working Life 50,000 hours
* Built-In Intelligent Fan Controller with Humidity Management is designed and built in New Zealand proprietary for New Zealand

New Zealand first most intelligent and efficient EC extraction fan!


We are proud to introduce a revolutionary VX125E series EVMF125-EC fan which marks the next generation of extraction fans.


The fan is set as default to work continuously at a trickle flow of 15 l/s. When the shower is on, the sensor will detect immediate rise in humidity which triggers the fan to go up to maximum flow at 55 l/s with installed components. When the fan sensor senses the humidity level has returned to normal, it reverts to the trickle flow of 15 l/s. Fan speed is variable depending on humidity levels. If the humidity level falls dramatically to a very low level then fan goes to auto sense mode. This makes it the most intelligent and energy efficient extraction fan on the market!


Customers will be impressed by EVMF125-EC quite running, operating at just 20dBA on low trickle ventilation and at only 3W the energy efficient EVMF125-EC boasts low power consumption. One model fits all EVMF125-EC is programmed to cope with the vast majority of installations where both low and high air flows are required.

Kit Content:
1 x Built-In Controller
1 x 125mm EVMF125-EC Mixed Flow Fan
1 x 125mm Egg Crate Grille
1 x 125mm ABS Plastic Louvre Grille
1 x 125mm Dual Aluminium Ducting 5 metres length

Automated Bathroom Extractor Fan

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