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The Landlord solution operates with no controller, so the system runs efficiently and without interference from the tenant. 

* Energy efficient EC fan with A grade - (year running cost~$70) 
* Constant 24/7 ventilation. 
* Quiet fan operation. 
* Extra-low air flow (17 l/s) on constant trickle ventilation. 
* Extra high air flow (181 l/s) installed. 
* Plug-in installation of main fan system. 
* Built-In Intelligent Fan Controller designed proprietary for New Zealand. 


AC fans consume the same energy at all speeds, unlike our EC fan which can run at only a few watts at low speeds. This can save you hundreds of dollars a year, all while providing you with superior ventilation. 


By incorporating our Intelligent Controls into EC mixed flow fans, we revolutionized home ventilation systems into something very special. 


The EVOAQ home ventilation system is specifically designed to ensure your property remains fully ventilated at the right levels to maintain high air quality. Constant ventilation 24/7 is the only way to ensure this happens correctly, especially if tenants are out all day, and/or if the property is near a source of noise such as a busy road, motorway or airport. 

Landlord Solution EVOAQ Positive Pressure Ventilation System

  • 1 - 6 Rooms Up to 220m2
    Specific Fan Power (SFP) 0.398 Watts per L/s
    Voltage (V/Hz) 230/50
    Power (W) 3 - 73
    Air Flow (m³/hr) 65 ~ 650
    Static Pressure (Pa) 457
    Noise (dB) 31
    Speed (RPM) 500 - 3000


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