Pebble Air is a universal solution for controlling your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) units from you smartphone. Consisting of a Plug and Play Pebble Air Wi-fi controller, which sends IR signals, and the app for IOS and Android, you are now able to control your HVAC from anywhere.



  • The Pebble is compatible with any smartphone operating Android or IOS. Access your Pebble through the Pebble Air app.
  • Security when connecting to your Wi-Fi router is a priority. Patented technology allows for a seamless fully secure connection. Wi-Fi platform has UL Cybersecurity Certification 2900-2-2.
  • The Pebble offers smart functionalitymaking your air-con /heat-pump/HVAC smarter. Use our smart mode timer feature and integrated temperature sensor for more control. You may also connect our extension IR cable to extend the IR coverage.​
  • The Pebble operates in the cloud which makes for a versatile and future proofed solution. We can add things like new model air-con/heat-pump/HVAC, software updates and the latest Pebble developments when we roll them out.
  • The Pebble offers multi-user functionality with real time updates and reporting to all connected users. The pebble software licence allows for unlimited users and can control as many pebble devices as needed.

Pebble Air