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A service is due at your Managed Rental Property

Your rental property must continually meet the Healthy Home Standards as every new or renewed tenancy must provide an up to date compliance statement with your rental agreement showing that you meet or will meet them with 120 days.

Assets such as Heat pumps, Extraction, Gutters and more require regular servicing & maintenance to continually meet the standards as well as extending the longevity of the healthy home appliances.

Ensure Ongoing Compliance and minimising the risk of fines with an annual Healthy Homes Standards service and inspection 

Inspection Re-Visit

A commercial rate for Energy Workshop to revisit a rental property inspected by us in the last 3 months* that has had improvements made but needs to be checked and signed...
Managed HHGA Rental Property Re-Visit
1 Std.

A New or Annual Inspection

A commercial rate for Energy Workshop to carry out an assessment and provide solutions at a property for the purposes of meeting The Healthy Homes Guarantees Act 2017 Hea...
Managed HHGA Rental Property Inspection
1 Std.

Other Helpful Services

A Healthy Home Service with Re-Inspection

A commercial rate to regularly service which ensures the continued smooth & efficient running of your appliances as well as extending the longevity to protect your warran...
Managed Rental Property HHGA Service
1 Std.

Helpful Resources

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