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LED Lighting Solutions

Energy Workshop can provide you with expert advice & solutions for LED Lighting, for your home & business.
Our experienced team will provide you with the recommendations best suitable for the environment & work within your budget.

Residential Lighting

LED lighting will not only save you money on your power, it can also improve the amount of light you need. In some cases it can make your home easier to heat. 

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Save on power
while producing greater light

For a guide to see what you can potentially save, check out the EECA Lighting Tool for more Information Click Here 

Commercial Lighting

When it comes to Commercial Lighting we want to make sure you get the right lighting to suit you, when looking for lights its hard to find the right product that not only provides better lighting for what ever industry your in but also making it a safer working environment & at the same time lowering the running cost & maintenance cost

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We can provide you with the ROI for converting to LED

Let Energy Workshop make things simply efficient for you, book your assessment here

For Energy Workshop to carry out an inspection and provide solutions at a property for the purposes of meeting The Healthy Homes Guarantees Act 2017 Healthy Home Standard...
HHGA Rental Property Inspection & Report
1 hr
A no obligation assessment of your property with one of our knowledgeable and experienced Healthy Home Advisor to check for efficiencies that can be made to create a warm...
Healthy Home Assessment
1 hr
No Obligation
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