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Heat & Cool

Energy Workshop can provide you with expert advice & solutions for heating & cooling your home more efficiently.
Our experienced team team will provide you with the recommendations best suitable to your property that work within your budget.

Heat Pumps

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Available for
New Build & Retrofit

Heat Transfer Kits

By combining the latest in fan technology and automatic sensing controls, our systems ensure optimal transferring of heated air throughout your home while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your lounge. Our custom fan combines with smaller diffusers to create the best possible mixing of heated air into your rooms.

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We can Install for
New Build & Retrofit

Let Energy Workshop make things simply efficient for you, book your assessment here

For Energy Workshop to carry out an inspection and provide solutions at a property for the purposes of meeting The Healthy Homes Guarantees Act 2017 Healthy Home Standard...
HHGA Rental Property Inspection & Report
1 hr
A no obligation assessment of your property with one of our knowledgeable and experienced Healthy Home Advisor to check for efficiencies that can be made to create a warm...
Healthy Home Assessment
1 hr
No Obligation
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