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Detect harmful airborne contaminants in your air & protect your family from the effects of breathing dangerous gasses, dust, wildfire smoke & allergens


These pollutants are caused by a number of everyday household activities that cause harmful pollution. Even the byproduct of breathing in enclosed areas releases CO₂ which can cause harmful health effects. Cleaning products, fresh coats of paint & even scented candles release TVOC’s and Ethanol that can be harmful.


While there are many indoor air quality monitors on the market, the Sensibo Elements boasts a highly rated mobile app, a smart pollution sensitive LED light that changes color when your air quality is poor and the ability to track 6 different pollutants. Our app provides hourly data, and extended historical views as well as live alerts when pollution levels are reaching dangerous levels.


Monitor Your Home's Air Quality From Your Phone Live air quality scores, pollution readings & alerts


Live Air Quality Score Get a live aggregate air quality score to better understand how healthy your home's air is


Detailed Pollution Graphs Track individual pollutant levels over time and view historical graphs/events


Pollution Alerts & Tips Live alerts and air quality protecting tips sent to your phone when pollution is on the rise

Sensibo Elements Indoor Air Quality Monitor

  • CO₂ - Can cause headaches, fatigue & loss of focus.

    TVOC - Causes unpleasant odors, skin irritation, nausea & dizziness.

    PM2.5 - Unhealthy large particles: eg., dust, pollen & smoke.

    Ethanol - Found in household products, can cause respiratory irritation.

    Temperature - Track your home's temperature & ensure a comfortable climate.

    Humidity - High humidity levels can result in sickness & mold growth.

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