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Condensation in your bathroom is caused by hot damp air from your shower mixing with cold damp air from your bathroom. The New Zealand made Steam Stopper separates these two groups so that bathroom steam cannot be produced.


♦ STOP'S your mirror misting.
♦ STOP'S your wallpaper pealing.
♦ STOP'S your paint pealing.
♦ STOP'S Mould growing in your bathroom.
♦ STOP'S wasting Energy.
♦ Make your bathroom cleaning easier.
♦ Mirror Demisters – No longer needed.
♦ Save power and reduce Water usage.
♦ Bathroom extractor fan works less, if at all.

Steam Stopper for a 45 Degree Shower

  • These fit most 900mm or 1000mm 45 deg (pentagon 5 sided showers) showers, in a corner installation, however will require to be trimmed before installation


    • Dome size 810 x 810mm
    • Minimum Overall cut size 840 x 840mm
    • Untrimmed size  995 x 995mm
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